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"Unlimited 4x4 beginner mode play, registration unlocks the 9x9 easy to extreme levels" it is the best PC version available price € / $ 27.99

Kokonotsu SuperSudoku,
also known as MagicNine & USASudoku

Kokonotsu (a 9-letter word meaning “nine?in Japanese) goes beyond ordinary sudoku by adding a fourth and fifth dimensions. Other sudoku puzzles only require players to place numerals 1 through 9 in each row, column and 3x3 square. Kokonotsu adds the two major diagonals. Also, there is a Magic Puzzle Heart which enables clever players to solve the puzzles more quickly, plus a unique four-number solution code to quickly check if the puzzle has been correctly solved, a necessity during competitions. These features add elements of challenge and discovery that are missing in ordinary sudoku.

Try solving one of the FREE Kokonotsu online puzzles by clicking on the Beginners or Medium boards and you’ll quickly get the idea.

Most people find that Kokonotsu SuperSudoku is more interesting, more challenging and has more visual appeal than ordinary sudoku puzzles.

Your brain will get some healthy exercise. Your powers of logic, reasoning and strategy will be put to the test. But it’s not a guessing game. Kokonotsu is a great stress-reliever as well. But beware: it’s addictive... (To solve an easy/medium Kokonotsu puzzle is from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on skill and experience.)

Tip: There’s a “magic puzzle-heart?concealed within Kokonotsu that will help you in solving the puzzle more quickly. Can you find it?

-- Happy Puzzling: Uwe Meffert

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