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Special Release of Kokonotsu SuperSudoku
PC version, and Online Version

I am pleased to announce the release of Kokonotsu SuperSudoku.
No doubt most of you have heard of sudoku, the print puzzle that is taking the publishing world by storm. In June 1972, I created my own unique adaptation of the old Chinese magic square that later became, Kokonotsu, a 9 letter Japanese word meaning nine, now called “SuperSudoku” The rules for KOKONOTSU are basically the same as for ordinary sudoku except that we have added an important 4 th and 5th dimension in addition to the rows, columns and boxes the two diagonals are also to be filled in with numbers 1-9 (no repeats) and there is an invisible hidden “Magic Puzzle Heart” within the puzzle grid for clever players to discover and use for help in solving the puzzle. Free KOKONOTSU Super Sudoku online puzzles in four difficulty levels for 2 weeks, please go to our new www.kokonotsu.info site. DOWNLOAD our PC version from http://www.kokonotsu.info/download/KokonotsuPC.exe.
FREE "Unlimited 4x4 beginner mode play, registration unlocks the 9x9 easy to extreme levels" Regular price $27.99 . REGISTER NOW

Become an Affiliate Memberif you have a high volume website and receive 10% for all orders that originate from your site. Offer to your local newspaper -- FREE -- full-color ready-to-print KOKONOTSU Super-Sudoku puzzles. Yes, I said FREE. We’re making this offer to spread the word of KOKONOTSU Super-Sudoku more quickly.

If you’re interested in this, please let me know and I will send you some basic information to forward to your local newspapers, media syndicates or advertising agencies.

Happy Puzzling: Uwe Meffert

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